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Houston, Texas


Hello, my name is Leslie King and I am original from Houston, TX. The bayou city as they affectionately call it. Houston is an internationally diverse city with more than 6 million people in the Houston metropolitan area. Below is a picture of the Houston skyline, click on the link for the official home page for Houston’ for visitors.


Houston is the home of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, carrying the prestige of reaching the moon and decades of proven excellent in Space travel.


You will never be tired of the incredible experiences that you can have in an international city like Houston. From Latin heritage to the American cowboy, Houston has it all!


Click on one of links to experience the rich diversity of Houston, TX for yourself.


My family and I currently live in Bexley, Ohio, as suburb of Columbus. There is my wife Tracy, 18 year old son Jordan, and 5 month old Michael with me in the video. Please click on the link to view a quick video.